Chinese Poker Game UI Designs.


Poker Spades






Game app UI, Logo design & Website cover design

Chinese poker, also Poker Spades, is a poker card game that has been played in the Asian community for many years. It has begun to gain popularity elsewhere because it has many features of an "exciting" gambling game.

You can chose to play online against players from all over the world or offline against your android device.

In this poker game you can play chinese poker against 3 opponents. You are dealt 13 cards and must make three poker hands. The best hand on the bottom, second best in the middle and last three cards on top. For offline play the game include 2 scoring system: 2-4 and 1-6.

You can compete against other poker players also using our innovative 25-hands-set and 100-hands-set systems. You will have to play 25 or 100 consecutive hands and then submit your score to the leader-board.

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