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Alpha Flea market is here to showcase “underground art” at your own Indore, the one and only incredible town of foodies and art lovers; to let you discover the undiscovered. Here is the bunch of astonishing but hidden artists from across the globe that will do nothing but just steal your souls. Feel the entirely different cosmos of shopping, food, music, dance, art and aroma. We bet! You won’t be able resist yourself and will surely command your watch to stop for a while because we will be freezing your hearts in the gallery of arts. Your taste buds will enjoy the delightful rides and your soul will be grooving on the beats of music. The colorful butterflies called love, peace and happiness will paint your town like a rainbow.


Designing Central India’s biggest
flea market.

Alpha is the power of now, Alpha is the happy state of mind, Alpha brain waves are said to heal you inside out and we intend to do the same- to make you happy inside out...
We intend to bring happiness, celebration, and liveliness in the lives of everybody who visit because every element here is designed to bring a smile to your face and happiness your soul.
When we say “happy vibes only” we promise to make this experience the most fun you had for the longest time!

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